Arts for All has developed different hands-on Art Activities for parents, classroom teachers, children or adults who want to be more creative at home, in the classroom, daycare or a variety of other settings. Hover over the lesson title for a printable PDF.

Each activity includes a Description/Objective, Approximate Time, Materials, Procedure, Subject Matter Integration, Variations/Extensions and a photo of the finished product.  Send photos of YOUR finished product and let us know how what you liked/didn’t like about this project at info@artsforallnevada.org.

Check back often to see if another fun art activity has been added! 

Marbled Paper Easter Eggs

Easter will be here in just a few days, so it’s the perfect time to get started on some decorations! Students will use common household items & paint to create a marbling effect on paper or eggs.


Ink Blot Monsters

Do you prefer silly monsters or scary monsters? Create a series of whatever you like with our Ink Blot Monsters project! Check out the video here & follow along. Have Fun!

 Cherry Blossom Tree

Get ready for spring & create a Cherry Blossom with common household & recycled items! Students use watercolor to create a gradient background & finish with a Cherry Blossom tree.


The Kimono

Learning about the kimono is a great way to explore pattern design and Japanese culture at the same time. Students sketch their designs in the lesson plan and complete the project with watercolor.

Positive and Negative Space

Develop and increase awareness of shape and space through art. This lesson plan introduces students to the concepts of negative and positive space with cut paper.

Pine bough print and snowflakes

Bring a little of the outside in with this art project while teaching your child about evergreens, printing techniques, snowflakes and symmetry.

Funky faces

 Fantastic, Funky Faces – a Self Portrait

Here’s a fun spin on the self-portrait, using lots of colors and even more imagination.


dream houses

 Dream Houses

An introduction to some of the basic shapes found in a house such as: squares, rectangles, half circles, columns and arches. Using marker and watercolor, design a house you would like to live in!


Oaxacan thumbnailDrawing Oaxacan Animal

Students learn about the art of the Oaxacan (pronounced wa-ha-can) woodcarvers of Mexico, whose brightly colored and heavily patterned figures of animals and people have a childlike or whimsical quality to them. Students will choose an animal, possibly a pet and do a drawing of it in the style of the woodcarvers.

Oil Pastels, Mushrooms.jpgMushrooms on a Log, Oil Pastels

Use oil pastels to create a mushroom scene.  Learn the shape of mushrooms, shading and lighting.


Lesson plan Starry Night

Introduction to Impressionist paintings with Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings/style.  Create a night time silhouette of  the city.
Identify colors that are warm and cool using construction paper, oil pastels and water colors.



Santa’s Closet AFAN lesson plan

If it’s December, it’s time for Santa either taking his suit out of the closet or returning for the next year.





Start with the Arts is an early education resource developed by VSA at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts with 54 lesson plans.