Arts for All Nevada recognizes that all artists face challenges in exhibiting and selling their work.  This may be especially true for artists who have a disability and why Arts for All Nevada has established several ways for the public to enjoy and purchase unique work from Nevada’s talented artists.  Please visit these artists websites.

Artists include:

  • Randi Cone
  • Connor Fogal
  • Constancia Gafeney
  • Veronica Galati
  • Jenni Faith Harrison
  • Karen Hildebrand
  • Mack Nez Johnson
  • Ray Johnson
  • J.M. Lamoreux
  • Ted Mark
  • Ross Nagle
  • Christopher Parkins
  • Valerie Parks
  • Quinton Salas
  • Mindy Steadman
  • Sara Thacker
  • Melanie Trinkle
  • Michael Tsaphah
  • John Waymire

Please contact us if you are an Artist with a disability who is interested in displaying your work.


(775) 826-6100  ext 3#