Arts for All Nevada‘s “Art Access Gallery” is on the main floor of the Lake Mansion. This space showcases artwork created by over 20 emerging and professional artists who a have a disability.

Artwork and crafts include fine art paintings in several different mediums, wood work, leather, jewelry, soaps, bookmarks and more.

Artwork for sale is listed on each piece. 85% of the sale price benefits the Artist, and 15% for Arts for All Nevada  programs. Admission to the “Art Access Gallery” is free.  Please  stop by and support these talented Artists!

Gallery hours: Monday through Friday

10:00 am to 4:00 and during special events.

Gallery green 300X200Gallery yellow 300X200Originally a library and the master bedroom.





Artists include:

  • Wayne Belvins
  • Randi Cone
  • Connor Fogal
  • Constancia Gafeney
  • Veronica Galati
  • Jenni Faith Harrison
  • Karen Hildebrand
  • Mack Nez Johnson
  • Ray Johnson
  • Jerry Kingsley
  • Jim M. Lamoreux
  • Ted Mark
  • Donnie Coffman Micchiche (deceased)
  • Peggy Mills
  • Ross Nagle
  • Christopher Parkins
  • Valerie Parks
  • Erich Pichler
  • Norman Platt
  • Quinton Salas
  • Jerry Sleight (deceased)
  • Craig Smyres
  • Mindy Steadman
  • Rochelle Swanson
  • Melanie Trinkle
  • John Waymire
  • Karen Wheeler

Please contact Arts for All Nevada if you are an Artist interested in the “Art Access Gallery”. We’d like to schedule an interview with you and see a sample of your work.

Amanda Alvey


(775) 826-6100  ext 2#