Beth Finta was chosen as finalist for the license plate competition with her design feature a tree and two multicolored wolves and a backdrop of yellow mountains, blue sky, and a red sun.

“It’s not an education without the Arts ~ TM”.   Nevada’s first Arts License Plate is available at DMV field offices statewide. The plate, designated by DMV as the “Children in the Arts” license plate, is available in a standard or personalized format. 

A entries for the license plate art competition adorns the wall in this picture.

In 1997, with the assistance Nevada Assemblywoman Vonne Chowning, Nevada Arts Council and VSA Nevada partnered to developed the “Rich in Art” license plate to raise funds for children’s art programming in Nevada and to raise awareness of the importance of arts in Nevada for ALL.  Over 800 entries created by Nevada’s youth were submitted!

Many Arts for All programs are funded by your purchase of the “Rich in Art” (children in the arts) license plate.  These programs include: workshops in self-contained and general education classrooms, a Firefighter’s party for homeless youth, after-school programs for children and more.

If you are interested in a standard format, the initial cost will be $51 dollars, with an annual renewal fee of $20 in addition to all other registration fees. For a personalized plate, the initial cost will be $86, with an annual renewal fee of $40 in addition to all other registration fees.

$15 of the initial fee and $10 from each renewal supports Arts for All and NV Arts Council children’s art programming in Nevada. For more information, please call the Nevada Arts Council, 775.687-6680 or visit the DMV web site at:http://www.dmvnv.com/platescharitable.htm or contact DMV Special Plates, 555 Wright Way, Carson City, NV 89711-0875       1-877-368-7828 Toll Free     (775) 684-4750 Direct Line
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