I am originally from Moscow, Russia where I received my Master’s degree in Fine Arts and Education at The Teachers University of Moscow. I have been living in the Bay Area California for more than fifteen years, then in 2018 moved to Nevada. I also hold a Teaching Credential for single subject (Art Education) for the State of California.

Through my multi-age classroom and private instruction experience over the past 20 years, I realized that art and art history are two of my favorite subjects to teach. Learning about the beauty of art creates an unforgettable experience for any age audience. Learning art can forever change young students’ perspectives and how they view the world around them. Art history brings so much depth of understanding to the artistic process by learning how and why art techniques developed around the world through the ages. This is also very connected with other history studies because it adds the element of emotion to social changes through history. I strongly believe that learning these subjects can be a big asset for any age of student because they can gain skills of creativity and worldly understanding through the artistic process.

My curriculum offers practical instruction in drawing and painting specifically created for different skill level students. Classes will help to explore new materials, techniques, develop creativity and artistic vision by combining elements of art history with a structured project system. This teaches students about basic perspective, proportions and color theory without being overwhelming. I have found that this approach helps significantly to achieve better results from students while keeping the learning process interesting and fun.