Arts for All Nevada Staff:

Grace Davis

Programming and Rentals Coordinator

775.826.6100 Ext. 3#

Laurel Gray

Administrative Assistant, Rentals/Tours, part time

775.826.6100 Ext. 2#

Mary Ellen Horan

Executive Director

775-826-6100 Ext. 1#

Eva Lerud

During the school year, K-12 ‘Arts in Education’ Coordinator

Bailey M. Gamberg

Administrative Assistant, Volunteer Coordinator, part time

775.826.6100 Ext. 2#



Board of directors 2014The Arts for All Nevada Volunteer Board of Directors (pictured from left to right, top to bottom row):

Michael Edmonson – Treasurer
Joanne Benz – Secretary
Marion Hose*
Jackie Clay -President
Charlotte Voitoff-Vice President
Stefanie Stieber
Not pictured:  Allison Gorelick, Julie Kilgore, Shannon Ward

*Marion Hose passed away in February, 2016.  She is very much missed and will always remain a part of our organization.

VSA Nevada/Arts for All Nevada was founded in 1986. The following individuals served on VSAN/Arts for All‘s past board of directors, contributing to our success. Thank you!

Ken Albright, Shirley Altick, MICHELE ATTAWAY, *Joanne Benz, Pam Bobay, Dorothy Bokelamn, Phil Bryan, Francesca Brake, Leslie Caron, Jim Chamberlain, Vonne Chowning, Sue Clark, *JACKIE CLAY, Lenore Cornille, Micheline Crawford, Deborah Davis, Kelley DeRiemer, Gloria Dopf, Audree Druen, Joan L. Dyer, Jane Early, *Michael Edmonson, Cecelia Gable, Marie Gibson, *Allison Gorelick, David Graham, Marna Griffin, Robert Guerrero, Dan Harper, Mella Harmon,Jenni Faith Harrison, Fran Harvey, Marion Hose, JUDY ISHIBASHI, Mary Jackson, CAREN JENKINS, GAYLE KERN, *Julie Kilgore, Michael Klaich, Beth Kohn, Caryl Larva, Rosemary McMillan, Kathy Olson, Sharon Payne-Parsons, Gail Pfrommer, Chris Priaulx, Scott Reynolds, Candy Schneider, Jeff Stieber, *Stefanie Stieber, Andrew Stifler, LORETTA TERLIZZI, *CHARLOTTE VOITOFF, Gary Waters, Bea J. Whitney, Linda Williams, *Shannon Ward, SARAH WOODMAN.

Names in all-caps served as Board Presidents, *serving presently