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Arts for All Nevada Administrative Offices, “Art Access Gallery”, and “Art Happens Here” Studio are housed in the Lake Mansion located at

250 Court St. Reno, NV 89501

at the corner of Arlington/Flint Streets, one block south of the Truckee River

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Contact us - Line map showing location of Arts for All on Arlington Ave and Court Street and public parking on Sierra Street

While visiting the Lake Mansion or dropping off a workshop/camp participant, you can park in Arts for All Nevada’s free parking lot off Arlington Avenue, just south of Court St. or park in public parking on Court Street and Sierra Street.

PHONE 775-826-6100, ext. 2#
FAX 775-337-6107

  • Mary Ellen Horan, Executive Director

Contact Mary Ellen at meh@artsforallnevada.org, 775-826-6100, extension 1#

  • Jacqueline Lampson, Marketing/Lake Mansion Rental/Administration

Contact Jacqueline at Jacqueline@artsforallnevada.org, 775-826-6100, extension 3#

  • Eva Lerud, K-12 ‘Arts in Education’ Coordinator (during traditional school year)

Contact Eva at eva@artsforallnevada.org

  • Katie Morrissey, Open-to-the-Public Programming Coordinator/Lake Mansion Rental/Administration

Contact Katie at katie@artsforallnevada.org, 775-826-6100, extension 3#

  • Krista Moore, Administrative Assistant

Contact Krista at info@artsforallnevada.org, 775-826-6100, extension 2#